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Test and Troubleshoot

In order to have a successful livestream, it's important to test whether there will be any problems before the day of your performance. First start by clicking play on the video above. This video is hosted by our livestream provider Vimeo.

Did the video play without issue?

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's). If you need more detailed information, check out the Advanced Troubleshooting tips at the bottom of this page.

Accessing the Livestream

  • How do I find my code?

  • I can't log in.

  • I’m running late, can you start the session later?

  • What equipment/technology do we need?

Using the Chatbox

  • How does the chatbox work?

  • How do I get to the chatbox?

  • How do I make the chatbox a separate window?

Watching the Performance

  • Do we watch more than one version?

  • My performance is due to start, but there’s no video playing.

  • Our school is having internet issues today.

  • The stream is glitchy.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Please take a look at the troubleshooting tips below - they may help you to get things working, or help identify what's causing the issue.

If you're still having trouble after trying these troubleshooting tips, please email us on [email protected], and we'll try to help with troubleshooting. If you are having trouble with a livestream that's airing right now, we probably won't be able to troubleshoot it before the stream concludes. We'd be happy to reschedule you for a later livestream if one is available, or work with you to make sure you and your students can access a recording of the livestream program.

General Tips

  • Network and browser requirements for viewing streams

  • Network/Filtering issues

  • Desktop Operating System and Browser

  • Antivirus software

  • Ad blocking software

  • Phones

  • Remote Learning Workarounds


  • School-issued Chromebooks

  • Web Browsers

  • Computer updates

  • Spyware/Malware scans

Windows Computers

  • Web Browsers

  • Computer updates

  • Spyware/Malware scans

Mac Computers

  • Web Browsers

  • Computer updates

  • Spyware/Malware scans

Tablets and Phones

  • Phones

  • School-issued Tablets

  • Device updates

  • Javascript

  • Network/Filtering issues

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